Treatment and Control of Melasma

About the treatment

Acroma-QS technology is a powerful ally in the treatment and progressive management of melasma. We offer a broadly referenced therapeutic option which is the most modern, effective, and safe solution available. The superior technology offers no downtime or side effects, suitable for all skin tones, in a totally painless procedure with lasting results.

  • Spot whitening and pigmented homogenization.
  • Maintenance and control of the general condition of the melasma.
  • Ability to treat the malar region, forehead, and around the eyes.

Though the cause of melasma is wholly unknown, some common causative factors include: pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone abnormality, and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

It usually appears as large brown-grey patches on the face, symmetrically located on the cheeks, lips and forehead, and occasionally found on the neck and arms.

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