Most frequent questions and answers
The next step would be to book a FREE consultation. During your consultation we will discuss with you any questions you may have. We will also educate you on what hair removal treatment would be best for you, and why you have come to the right place!

On our website under Prices, we list all of our Laser Hair Removal treatments and costs as well as our package deals. If a client is inquiring about having multiple areas of the body treated we can offer a customized quote tailored to their needs. This can all be done during the FREE consultation.

We ask our clients to shave the area that will be treated on the day of the appointment. DO NOT WAX OR PLUCK. Waxing and plucking removes the hair follicle, and our Laser Hair Removal treatment would then have no follicle to treat.

You can have your next appointment six weeks after your first session. This gives time for the hairs that were not treated to enter into their growth stage. Then this will give us the opportunity to treat all the hairs and get maximum results for our clients. Further sessions will be scheduled according to the clients hair growth. 

7-10 days after your first appointment, you will notice your hair fall out in the area that was treated. This is normal. However not all of our hairs grow at the same time. We recommend more then one Laser Hair Removal treatment so that it can target all hairs when they enter the growth stage. This will give you maximum results.

Your skin will be the same as it was before, only more sensitive to the sun. We inform our clients that any area that has been treated and is exposed to the sun on a day-to-day basis should be covered with a minimum 60 SPF sunscreen. 

No. Our clients can resume most daily activities, however heavy exercise is prohibited for a 24-hour period after each treatment. Sunbathing and tanning beds are also not to be used until 1 week after the treatment. This is because the treated areas will be highly sensitive to sun exposure.

We are able to safely work on all hair and skin types because of the unique technology behind the Alma Soprano xli during all times of the year. All our treatments will be tailored specifically for each client for a painless and comfortable treatment. 

Here at Beauty Bar by Akhlas, we use the Soprano xli, Formatk, and Etherea-MX. They are one of the most advanced Laser Hair Removal pieces available on the market. They guarantee maximum results in comparison to other name brand laser technologies.

Only a slight pinching sensation is felt and no local anesthetics are needed. The area being treated is cooled during treatment with a medical grade ultrasound gel, which allows the client to experience minimal heat discomfort.