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Beauty Bar By Akhlas uses the Soprano xli – the latest technology in aesthetic laser systems. Soprano xli is a top of the line ALMA technology targeting hair & pigmentation removal. It is powerful enough to achieve your full satisfaction within a very short time and pain free, so you can immediately get back to work and life with little or no down time.

Set yourself free from the worry and embarrassment caused by excess, unwanted hair any area quickly and safely with Soprano XLI laser hair reduction. Safe and effective for all skin colours and types, including tanned skin dark skin. You’ll be surprised at how affordable laser treatment can be. Let go of your worries. Let yourself shine! Be sure to read more to discover that not all lasers are equivalent and why the Soprano xli Diode Laser is the best choice for hair removal.

Soprano xli ​Diode Laser is the best choice for hair removal.
The number of Laser Hair Removal treatments required depends upon your skin type, ​hair coloring, and coarseness of the hair, depth of the hair follicle and the size of the area that need be treated. Generally, 80% – 90% of good candidates will need minimum ​6 to 8 Laser Hair Removal treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to experience ​70% to 90% hair reduction.

How it Works

The cycle of hair growth has three phases and ​laser is killed in the active growing phase. A minimum of 6 to 8 treatments are needed to target ALL hair in the active growth phase. Hormonal issues can also cause to a longer process of Laser Hair Removal by creating new hair follicles in ​addition to those which were destroyed before. Usually, men will need more ​treatments than women because of their skin structure and the male hormones.

The treated area can also influence of the number of treatments needed, ​face will usually summed in more treatments than other body areas like bikini, legs or underarms.

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