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Acne most commonly develops when skin cells don’t shed properly – the cells stick together and plug up the pores. This blockage encourages an oil called sebum and a bacteria called propionibacterium (P. acnes) to build up in the skin pores, leading to inflammation. Forma-tk’s IPL Acne Therapy is an effective light-based therapeutic therapy that revolutionized the treatment of acne.

The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne — without drugs, without pain and with zero downtime. IPL, “Intense Pulse Light” is one of the safest acne treatments available today.

The treatment is proven to be extremely effective on moderate inflammatory acne. Forma-tk’s technology uses light that is UV-safe and has no known side effects.

Most of the patients will notice the improvement in their skin a few days following their first treatment.


Most frequent questions and answers
To begin, the laser emits a wavelength that penetrates through the skin and targets the overactive Sebaceous Glands (Oil Glands). When the sebaceous glands are heated, it causes a mild thermal injury that changes the activity of the glands. Simply stated, the glands no longer produce the same amount of oil, which is the main cause for breakouts. Also during treatment the nd:YAG Laser kills acne causing bacteria under the skin. This gives our clients better lasting results.
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) works hand in hand with the nd: YAG laser for treating acne. It is ideal for destroying surface bacteria for a quick clearance of current acne breakouts. When IPL is pared with a pore-centered suction to clear out clogged pores, it shrinks pores them leaving your skin looking much clearer. All of this is achieved in just one session!
Medicated creams do assist with the symptoms of acne. However, with an acne treatment at our clinic, we are targeting the underlying cause beneath the skin. Medicated creams only remain on the surface of the skin and provide temporary relief. They do not focus on the root of the problem, unlike our laser treatment.

Acne is caused by a number of different factors some being: a build up of dirt and bacteria within the pores of the skin, hormonal changes, food sensitivities, and over active sebaceous glands. Acne also can affect men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Those who experience severe acne may also suffer from social anxiety, depression and social isolation. Here at Beauty Bar by Akhlas we offer a positive acne solution!


Maintain a regular skin care routine at home is imperative. Be sure to be using products that are oil free. It is also important to refrain from scratching, or squeezing the acne. This will worsen the infection as well as it will spread acne-causing bacteria to other areas. Scratching your acne will also give a higher chance of scaring.


Our clients see positive results right after their first session. Skin will be clearer, softer and over a short period of time blemishes will fade away exposing radiant skin beneath.


Depending on the severity of the acne, we might advise several sessions. If more sessions are needed they will be given four weeks apart. All of this can be determined during a FREE consultation with our clinic.


It would be our pleasure here at Beauty Bar by Akhlas, to book you in for a FREE consultation. During your private consultation you will be able meet our professionals as well as tour our clinic. Your FREE consultation will also allow you to discuss in person any concerns you may have. 


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